No Birthday Pressie

Is it a good offer?
Hubby bought me a Longines Watch last week, and
because it is a very expensive gift, I have to sacrifice for

Two years is not that long right, 2010 is coming soon, then
wait for 2011 to pass and I will get my Birthday pressie again
in 2012 if the world has not ended.

Sounds good right? Since there is no more expensive gift for
2 years, am I still allowed to buy designer bag? I mean its
not a gift, but I buy it myself. I already had a Loewe leather
bag, a coach wrislet, a burberry small shoulder bag, a few
Lesportsac in different sizes, a LV wallet, what else do I need?
I haven’t get the Longchamp and I am eyeing the Chanel Bag
but Chanel is definitely a no purchase for me. Too expensive.

I’m turning to a Designer brand servant and this is no good.
Okay, nevermind, I dunwan the Chanel Bag anymore. Just get
the LongChamp when there is sale or somebody goes to europe.

~cross my fingers~

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