Cambodia Holiday- After Trip Day 5, 6 & 7

Day 5
Again today, we does not have any itinerary. Pretty boring here, but we have a abus to catch at 12.30pm. So we woke up a bit late today and walk to another rest for breakfast, then to thebluepumpkin to buy 2 pcs of croissant and 1 pineapple tart as lunch when we are travelling in the bus back to Phnom Penh. We stop by at the market half way to PP and I saw these sold at the road side. There is 3 Cambodian girls sitting beside us in the bus, and they bought each type of this and had it as snack in the bus. Ewwww.. Saw the spider there? Its really fat and big but I couldn’t imagine where they find it in such a big quantity?  


 We reached Phnom Penh at 7pm and since Andrew has a meeting in the office we waited for him to pick us up at Vespa Restaurant just next to the Mekong Bus Station.  

 We did not try the food from this restaurant but according to Andrew its one of the best restaurant.. and their meats are imported from Australia.  


 I forgot where we had our dinner that day. Could blog it here… hmm?!  

 Day 6  

 Again we don’t have Itinerary for the day. We just want to chill out and relax. Andrew & Ivy suggested to go to the Killing Fields.. but I hesitated and told them we’re not keen to go there.  

 So in the morning, I woke up at around 10+ and we went out for breakfast at the FCC Phnom Penh. We have a seat upstair and have a nice view of the
Tonle Sap & the Mekong River. Nothing spectacular again as the water are not clear blue but muddy.  

 After having our breakfast, we went to Continental Hotel Phnom Penh and have some tea there, and chit chat until around 3pm+ and head back home
for a short rest. At around 5pm, we went to the Driving Range near to the Airport for some golf sessions with Ivy & Andrew, and of course I did not
play but just sit there and look. After the golf session we went to a spa & Massage house recommended by Ivy, The Champe and had 1 hr Upper Shoulder massage for a mere USD10. Consider cheap I think. And later we went for dinner at the French Latatate restaurant and supposingly they serve very good sandwich there in the review book. Too bad the sandwich is not good at all. So dont go there!!

After dinner, we went back home and take a rest.  

 Day 7  

 We fly back to Malaysia and I am so delighted to be home to my Home Sweet Home and I miss my bed.  

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