Cambodia Holiday- After Trip Day 4

Day 4

We didn’t have plan today. Supposingly in my Itinerary, I was planning to hire a tuk tuk to go Tonle Sap, but after the bus ride on day 2, and experiencing the dusty air everywhere in Siem Reap I abandoned my plan or to put it as PLAN CANCELLED. It is just so dusty in Siem Reap and occasionally we smelled some busuk longkang smell, which is a turn off, so I wore mask most of the time when I am outside. Hubby has been sneezing on and off coz he refuse to wear the mask like I did, but eventually he gave in. He too just couldn’t take it anymore. Dusty!! and even a heavy vehicle on the road is driven could make the road a big cloud of dust! Imagine that. So I really really advise anyone going there, Mask in Siem Reap is a must!

So since today we does not have any itinerary, we decided to have breakfast outside instead of the hotel. We went to thebluepumpkin recommended by
the tourist on the internet. Here’s what we’ve ordered. 2 sets of Siem Reap Breakfast. Coffee freshly brewed, Orange juice is fresh, Marmalade wasn’t too sweet, Croissant was so yummy! and the rye bread is soft. Hubby chose Donut instead of Croissant and it is so soft and not too sweet. I would say Perfect Breakfast, with some time for some facebooking as thebluepumpkin has free wifi.

My hubby checking emails.. and messaging.

Me here promoting the bakery!!

After breakfast, we went to the Center Market and Old Market for some bargain of souveniers for family members and close friends. Bought 3 t-shirts for USD5!!! So cheap. .. then I saw a 3M pocket book made from the cambodian silk and bargain it for USD6 for 5pcs. That’s all I bought for the souvenier, I will distribute the Madam Sachiko cookies to my colliqs too, so sorry really can’t get other souveniers as I think other souvenier is not nice lar as I’ve said in my Day 1 visit to the french market.

After some shopping, we went to Red Piano at Pub Street to quench our thirst. Nothing to do ma, and hubby has been sneezing and having flu, but he still pui me to come to this rest for some drinks. Poor him, already given him 2 tablets of Panadol soluble 2 nights ago when we reached Siem Reap, tablets of Vit C and 100 plus for him to keep energetic and to improve his condition, Poh Chai Pill and Charcoal pill for his stomach problem, still he wasn’t well.

After afternoon drinks, its only like 1pm and we walk back to the hotel to rest and have afternoon nap. We again came out from the hotel around 5.30pm and look for a place to eat. We went to Red Piano again, and I really didn’t know which restaurant too choose, there’s so many. So this time, we sit at the first floor of the restaurant and below is the other side of the pub street and we saw lots of tourist actually went for a BBQ at the roadside stall. The road side stall look decent coz the person handling the food wear clean clothes by the look from far and he’s wearing the chef’s hat. Too bad, I don’t think we want to be  adventurous in Cambodia as the water here is not clean and the Cambodians rely on NGO to help them filter the pipe water. So drinks and juices with ice cubes are a Big No No unless the restaurant says they only use bottled water.

After dinner, we walk home and stumbled upon another 2 market, which only operate at night. One if the Moon Market and another is Angkor Night Market. Before you made a purchase at the Old/Center market I think it would be good if u come to the night market too, I think the souvenier there have better quality or look nicer. Perhaps its because of the lighting?

After so much walk, we just call it a night and rest early as usual.

~ To Be Continued~

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