Cambodia Holiday- After Trip Day 2

Day 2


We woke up at 6am today and get ready for our bus trip to Siem Reap.Its a 6 hours ride by Mekong Express Bus as written on the 6.45am we had our quick breakfast prepared by Ivy, 1 fried egg, 2 pcs of hotdog and a cup of hot milo and we left to the Bus station near to the Tonle Sap Jetty. When Andrew’s driver trying to find our Bus, we saw the Sokla Bus station and I saw a new deluxe double decker bus.So I tot wow, that bus is new and must be comfy. Hmm since our bus is recommended by the Tripod Advisor, highly recommended so the Mekong Express must be as good as that. As the driver round the area, he couldn’t find the bus station and he finally have to get down as ask other bus operator where is Mekong Express? Then he drove further up and there ‘gasp’ and telan my saliva ‘gulp’.. that’s our bus? Mekong Express? I checked my ticket, yup, in the Internet it is called Mekong Express Deluxe Coach but on our ticket, its written Mekong Express Limousine Bus? Why different one? Nvm.. we got down

and asked the Operator. Are we taking this bus? pointing our fingers at the old bus. The Kind operator said, yes sir, you may board the bus. Will we enjoy the ride? I am somewhat dissapointed and was thinking how come Sokla bus is so much better. Now when I am sitting here typing I realised.. Sokla is owned by the Cambodian Tycoon lar. Of course they can afford to buy new bus!
We board the bus, nothing else we can do, nor can we refund the ticket and jump to Sokla bus right? At that time I am still thinking of Sokla bus, nope the deluxe coach to be exact, and waited for other passengers to board Mekong Express. To our amazement, the bus is full of tourist mostly. Wow.. guess all of them read Tripod Advisor too.
This is the bus we have to board.


The Bus depart at 7.30am sharp and throughout the journey, we got the chance to look at the scenery or a glimpse of the Cambodian country side, which what I saw mostly are rice fields, some I am not sure is rice or just tall grasses, and the Cambodian homes look very much like our Malay Kampung House just not so nice but still with the four leg and house above the ground kind. Many of the front part of the house has a small pond of some kind dug with water lilies in it, but the pond are not maintained, and they look dirty, guess its for feng shui like Angkor Wat, which I will explain later.
We reached the Mekong Bus Station in Siem Reap at 1.30pm and we were greeted by the friendly Mr. Ho Ouk the tuk tuk driver arrange by the hotel. We booked 3 nights stay at The Villa Siem Reap hotel, and they provide us with a free tuk tuk pick up. Mr. Ho Ouk is so friendly and I am happy that I actually asked to have him as our tuk tuk driver for the next day. Mr. Ho
Ouk offered us some cool drinks courtesy of the hotel to quench our thirst and on the way to the hotel he pointed out some places like Center Market, and Pub street and in fact the hotel is near to these places, around 5-10 minutes walk depending.

Once we reached the hotel, we need not do any long procedure for the check in. The hotel staff is so kind. We just gave them our name, and they show us to the room. That’s it. No deposit, nothing. Maybe we pre-booked the room earlier and they have our credit card info secured, but this is really great, save so much hassle and we can go to the room and rest after a tired bus ride.   

Hubby wanted to sleep right away, but I am so hungry, I took our the fried rice lunch pack prepared by Ivy and started eating. I dun care I am hungry and I am going to eat now and I dunwan to wait for Hubby to eat together with me. I am hungry!! kakakka but then Hubby woke up and join me. We had our lunch in the room and we rest until 4.30pm.
We went out at 4.30pm to the Angkor Wat temple and bought our 1 day Temple Visit for tomorrow. Just to save some time of queing tmr morning. There is so many tourist there at the time we went there and all of them too wanted to buy the pass. Nvm since we are there we just buy, and surprisingly they do things quick 1, not like our friendly ppl back in Malaysia geh. They
are friendly + quick, ours are Friendly+tak apa tunggu lar+Malaysia boleh ma. ‘(abit racist now).
Ok, after bought our ticket, the tuk tuk driver (another one) bring us to watch Sunset at Bakheng Hill. We have to hike up the hill and by the time we reached the top, its already 5.30pm. We saw sunset, but its not any spectacular view, not the egg yolk type. At the Bakheng Hill, there is this ruin, famous of the steep stairs are really a challenge as the stairs are high with very short steps space and steep. Nasty steps as the european describe it. From the top of the Bakheng we saw apart from the so-so sunset, we saw the Hot Air Balloon from a far. I wouldn’t recommend any of the tourist to go for the Hot Air Balloon as it cost USD15 per person and according to my SIL who has taken the ride before. The whole thing look like Hot Air Balloon but without any hot air. The balloon were raised by a machine to few metres high for you to see the scenery afar and its just a 10mins time lifted in the air. Just that.


We left the Bakheng Hill around 6+ and its really dark. In Cambodia, 6pm is like Malaysia’s 7.30-8pm. So going down the hill is dark, and we did not bring any torchlight, so we follow other tourist and walk faster. After that our tuk tuk driver sent us to Pub Street for dinner. Hubby wasn’t feeling well at that time, so we went to a Khmer Restaurant serving local Cambodian food, which are really similar to chinese food/Thai food except Cambodian don’t take spicy. I ordered a vege fried with roasted pork and a glass of Orange juice and Hubby as usual, with his stomach discomfort he still ordered a glass of beer.

Me.. while waiting for dinner to be served @ Pub Street.   

The Orange juice I ordered came and it wasn’t orange juice. Its actually Mandarin Orange juice that is not sweet, and they put some ice in it which make me unconvince to drink it. But I still took a few sip of the juice. I still fill my stomach full eventhough the vege dish and the pork taste are not to my liking. I’m hungry wat, the dinner cost us around USD7 or less.
We just call it a night after the dinner and walk back to the hotel for a hot shower and the rest of the night spend in the room watching cable tv. I slept at 10pm I guess.
~ To be Continued~



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