Cambodia Holiday- After Trip Day 1

Day 1

We woke up late this morning. Hubby’s Handphone suppose to rang at 5.30am, but it did not.. apparently the alarm was set to rang on Mon to Fri. So It was Sat and it did not rang. Then we heard an sms sound and I wonder how come so early someone so muka tebal sms? Then Hubby asked what time is it? ‘ I dunno wor, should be not yet 5.30am lor coz the alarm has not rang’ then I woke up and checked the handphone. Gosh!!! its 6am now.. and the sms was from the Limo
we have booked, Mr. Alan informing us he already arrive.
We quickly take a quick shower and left the house at 6.45am, still plenty of time to waste as our flight is at 9.30am. The flight was slightly delayed due to one of the passenger did not board the plane, they have to unload the baggage of that passenger. Finally the plane depart at 9.45am and we reached Phnom Penh at 10.30am finally at the airport arrival and was greeted by Andrew, with his big grin and offer Hubby a ciggi.
We went straight back to Andrew’s house, before arriving his house I can see that the guard ran to open the door, and there Ivy is waiting for us with some tong sui ‘green bean dessert’ to welcome us. Piper, forgot the breed type of the dog with big bump and ears like rabbit, greeted us like a ‘mad dog’ where it actually run to everybody, jump here and there, licking our legs and fortunately Piper does not bite. Very friendly dog and love to play soft toy.
Andrew’s house is like a mansion with 5-6 rooms all with attached bathroom, its a typical khmer style of furnishing which I personally don’t quite like too much woods but according to the lovely couple, this is the only home which have the least wooden furnishing. lol. We went for lunch at about 12pm at a restaurant near to the riverside or the lake Tonle Sap, serving Khmer Food. As usual, Hubby ordered Beer as in the beverage list and the beer in Cambodia is super cheap.

A can/bottle of Anchor Beer (Cambodian pronounce it as Ang Choor) cost USD1.5 and a bottle of Angkor Beer is only USD0.50. Food is considered cheap for tourist price range from USD3-5 and I said consider cheap if we Malaysians don’t convert the currency. In Cambodia need not to worry about food, Japanese, Korean, Western, Khmer, French Mexican and even Malaysian/Chinese food is easily found there. But 1 thing I need to comment of the food is I am not sure about other ppl, but Hubby and I found that the Pork and the Beef taste and smell are really not to our liking.. I dunno how to describe it exactly but it taste
abit weird, too porky taste or too beefy taste? hahah in chinese we call the taste as ‘sou’.
We went to the French market on that day too, its actually an old market that does not sell anything frenchie. In fact whats sold in the market are the usual the tourist souvenier which we find them as nothing interesting, its all like those typical souvenier we can get in any part of asian countries, and similarly what you can get in Bali, you can get it in Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia with the different destination name on it. Could it be from same manufacturer or something?
Later that day, we went to a temple up the hill.. again I forgot what that place called. Its actually next to the US embassie that is very huge in Cambodia, rumours says US have alot of spy there to keep an eye on the drug trafficking activities there. This place has a big clock and the Cambodians says that any unmarried couple who went there will eventually broke off from their relationship. This makes it easy for the Cambodian couples right?

I mean they don’t have to say anything.. just bring your partner go there and they know what happen next. What I heard also is Cambodian really like to choose to suicide if they have relationship problems, either they broke off with boyfriend or gf married another guy or the families dissapprove of their relationship. They will go to the Bridge at Phnom Penh if not mistaken the Bridge is a donation from Japanese Government crossing the Mekong River on the way to Siem Reap, and jump off the bridge there mostly. So nowadays the authorities are always there to keep an eye just in case any of their ppl going for a suicide.. which usually happens during lunch time when ‘everyone’ having lunch.

That night we went for Dinner at Restaurant 112 inside an old ancient French Colonial Building cum Apartment/hotel. Its a very nice restaurant, and if just they can move this whole place back to KL, I think the owner can earn big bucks from just the decor.. frenchie and romantic. Food wise is just okay. I like the ambience of this restaurant very much.
After dinner we went to the Casino, owned by Vincent Tan, I think.. its the Nagaworld. In comparison to our Genting Casino.. its kinda small and not many gamblers too, less crowded and nothing much there in fact. It was a breezy night and since today is the first day of our Holiday and tmr we have to wake up early for the Bus ride to Siem Reap, we head home and call it a night. Really need to have some sleep and its already 11.30pm then.
~ To be Continued~


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