Adenan Bin Hasan

My long time driver friend, which we had spend the last 8-9 years
working together, in JFE and now my current company has passed
away this morning in his sleep. His heart has finally failed him.
Adenan had his first Heart Attack in March 09, when he
participated in one of the exercise during the Team Building in Hulu
The exercise is too taxing for him, rowing some kind of
raft I think. Then he had the 2nd Heart Attack on Hari Raya Eve
on 19th Sept, and went for 2 heart surgery including a bypass..
he is back to work early of November after months of exercise, strict
diet and he look energetic and well. Before I went for my holiday trip
2 weeks ago, he complaint that he had difficulty to breath, Adenan
call it ‘semput’ and I asked him to check with the Dr. immediately.
His birthday has just pass and I am in Cambodia at that time.
I’ve forgotten to wish him Happy Birthday this year, which I always
do every year. Why on earth this year I did not wish him? He
sure wasn’t happy that I’ve forgotten. Adenan was a friend to me.
A very good friend. He was a patient guy, Jolly person, no matter
what happen he would be able to laugh it off. Even he had his heart
attack and when he come back to work, he laugh at himself and
promise to take good care of himself. He is a responsible guy, caring
and even if he ask whether I got nakal or not, I won’t get offended
nor angry coz I always k new he meant well. We have done so many
things together and with Wendy too, going out for lunch, bringing us to
YMCA for Ice Kacang, go shopping, talk and joke, share thoughts, and
Adenan is so cooperative and easy to work with person.
There is no one who can replace him and its a great loss to me, and
anyone who had known him.
‘Dear Adenan,
I’m so sorry if I ever done anything or said anything that hurt you,
Maaf Zahir & Batin, and I wish you Happy Birthday for the last time’
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