Travel Light?

My recent visit to Cambodia with my Husband, before we reached Cambodia

I have been contemplating that I packed too much for both of us, and our
Luggage bag is going to burst. I’ve tried as much as I can to reduce the
number of things to bring along for the 7 Days holiday. 2 of us using only 1 bag.

When we checking in at the MAS Counter the attendant asked ‘You only check
in one luggage?’ with an eye brow raised. I was thinking okay, is he thinking
‘no wonder’ my Luggage look like going to burst ‘Aiyo’ I was thinking why I so
‘shia shui ‘ like perempuan keluar dari kampung. Nevermind lar.. I should have
pack my things into 2 bag next time.

Then we took the bus to Siem Reap on Day 2 and when we arrive at the Bus
station the tuk tuk driver greeted us and help us to take our bag. This time
we left our luggage bag at Andrew’s house and repacked what is needed with
my Orange Travel bag Foldable. The Tuk Tuk Driver Mr. Ho Ouk asked
where are the rest of our bag? We said there aren’t any. So you see in the
photo, thats our only bag, aside from the back pack Hubby is carrying and my
usual shoulder carry Lesportsac.

When we reached the hotel, the hotel assistance show us to our room, and
they said ‘Sir you travel very light’. They we’re amazed how come we don’t
come in lugging a big bag. kakakakka

So I guess of all the things that I’ve packed for our vacation, we still Travel

Here is the actual list of things that I packed:

  1. Charchoal Pill
  2. Lipton – 4 sachets
  3. Clarinase
  4. Panadol Soluble
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Mozy Bite
  7. Toothpaste
  8. Toothbrush
  9. Hair Gel
  10. Shower Gel
  11. Shampoo
  12. Cotton Bud
  13. Shower Head cap
  14. Lip Gloss
  15. Tissue -Many packs
  16. Tampon mini & regular
  17. Night Sanitary Pad
  18. Sunblock
  19. Wet Wipes
  20. Feminine Wet Wipes
  21. Mask
  22. Sweets
  23. Sunglasses
  24. Umbrella
  25. Playing cards
  26. Cap X 2
  27. Recycle Bag X 3
  28. Laundry Bag
  29. Eye drops
  30. Contact lens extra pair
  31. Multipurpose Solutions
  32. Body Soap
  33. Basic Make Up Item
  34. Olay UV protect for Face
  35. Face wash, Toner
  36. Perfume for HIM
  37. Perfume for HER
  38. Hello Kitty Hand fan
  39. Panasonic Camera & Charger
  40. Passport Holder
  41. Small Purse to hold the change/keep money
  42. Emergency Evacuation Cards, Medical Cards
  43. Credit Cards & Cash
  44. Handphone Charger
  45. MP3 player/USB
  46. Cambodian Guide Book
  47. Itinerary Book
  48. Additional Backpack bag.
  1. T-shirt – 9pcs
  2. Short Pants-1pc
  3. Sleep Wear – 1set
  4. Undergarments – 9 sets
  5. Face Towel
  6. Bath Towel
  1. T-Shirt & Shirt – 8pcs
  2. Short Khaki Pants- 1pc
  3. Beach pants- 1 pcs
  4. Jeans – 1 pair
  5. Underwear – 9 pcs
  6. Sleepwear – 1 set
  7. Face Towel
  8. Bath Towel

I think thats about it all the things we brought during our trip.

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