Tomorrow is ‘Da’ Day!!! Finally I don’t have to wait anymore longer
for my much anticipated Holiday of The Year End. kakakkakaka
Not Dream Holiday right? Dream Holiday would still be the places like
Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Europe. Yea yea yea I know I am
greedy person, but still since no children yet I can dream as much
as I can. Agree?

So.. Tonight have sleep early.. kakakaka according to my Hubby??
He don’t have enough sleep last night so he suggested, unless tonight
he come home wanna play X box of see movie then lain cerita lor.
We have to wake up at 5.30am and get ready, the Limo guy Mr. Alan
will come pick us at at 6.30am and reach airport around 7.15am
check in and then roam the KLIA until boarding. I wonder how to
spend the 2 hours in the airport. Hubby said dunwan eat breakfast
coz MAS will provide.. I wonder should I get some books to read? But
I don’t have any novel..maybe I should ask SIL whether she got any
nice Novel? Hubby sure wont layan me coz I know he will play his
solitaire game with his handphone.. he has been neglecting me for
months already.. he is so hooked up with this game, he will watch
movie and play it at the same time. Imagine that. Talking to me on
the bed also he playing the game T_T”

Oh Yeah, I have packed the luggage and it looks like my luggage going to
burst already I am bringing alot of clothes, towel, all the toiletries I can
think of, even soap, umbrella, cap, tampon, pad, tissue, sleepwear, face
towel, recycle bag X3, medicine just in case, Playing Cards, Medical Card,
Emergency Evacuation Card, Lipton, Vit C, Sunblock, Mozzy, Vaseline,
Wet Tissue, Mask, Dry Hand Wash Gel, Sunglasses, sweets. I wonder how
those ppl can travel light? Frankly I can’t travel light, I feel so insecure
and I really need so many things to keep my mind at ease .. the question
‘what if’ always playing in my mind when I am packing. All and all, lucky
we take MAS this time, so I guess we have 30Kg of Luggage Limit. So
It shouldn’t be a problem.

Oh.. I heard Cambodia selling alot of gemstone at a fraction of price. Gotta
bring enough cash maybe I can get HB to buy it as a gift for me and make
another ring? But will it look abit malay-ish? Ruby or Emerald or Sapphire
would be nice.. ‘Dreaming again’.

Well, I will write more of my Cambodia Trip when I am back next
weekend. Hope we don’t spend all our USD there.

Bye Bye (not now .. tmr.. )

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