This morning while on the way to the office, me busy selecting
the radio stations that plays song were just hard.. every station
the DJ were talking and talking and talking, or playing adverts,
I just couldn’t find any songs to listen. So I switch to the CD
and selected song 13. I have been listening to songs 13 for a
while now, and the first thing my hubby comment was

‘ Nei Chung Mei Vomit ah’ (translation: You haven’t vomit huh)

I’m stunned at what my Hubby said and laugh at myself too
at the same time. What my Hubby said is very true and I never
thought he would remember what I told him about the previous
songs that I played repeatedly months ago.. the Hopelessly
Devoted To You. kekekekekekekeke

When I like a song, old songs, new songs, any songs, when I hear
it and it kept playing in my head, I will continue to listen to the songs
in the office if I got the chance, or while driving, or when at home,
any chance I could get, that particular song will be played repeatedly
for days or weeks… it will come to a point that the songs is overheard,
I feel like vomiting.. it means I have to stop.

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