Today is Tuesday

Today is Tuesday already.. and tick tock tick tock
I am going to Cambodia with hubby!!!
4 more days to go. How I wish the time past faster
this week. (AV not yet come, I hope it wont wait till I am travelling..)

Wah yesterday I really have enough Beauty sleep,
I slept at 10.30pm until 6.30am, 8 hours of sleep,
err.. I am still yawning when I am blogging? Strange.
Yawn again.. am I bored or wat? Yawn Yawn..

Tonight I am going to gave a sumptous meal with
Hubby at Genji Japanese Restaurant, PJ Hilton.
Have to finish those vouchers or it will go to waste.
Hmm.. what should we order? Sushi? Sashimi?
Soba or Udon? Don’t think they have Ramen..
coz ramen is considered as street food.. like our
Kopitiam Mee Hoon Soup or Pork Noodle. Nvm,
guess we should ask for some recommendation too
right? hehe


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