Is Feng Shui Master Needed?

Starting next year, I will start on a new project of planning, shopping,
budgeting and of course paying (not me lar) on our house small little
renovation, which has been delayed for years. So in 2010 its gonna to
be this project:

1. Add 1 or 2 unit of Air-Conditioner at the Living Area.
2. Renovation of the Kitchen
2.1 Kitchen Cabinet
2.2 Kitchen Hood
2.3 Steam Oven
3. Renovation of the Yard
3.1 Tearing down the ceiling and to install the ventilator

While thinking of doing all this, I wonder should I consult the fengshui
master or not, we will be living in a home with Fung San Sui Hei,
good health & wealth. Si Si Sun Lei, Fatt Dou Sor, San Tai Gin Hong.

How bout that? Need to search more info abt all these

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