Repeat and Repeat

Hubby is in Jakarta this week, so calling him to ask about free AA tickets
booking is a no no. But I need to ask him before I made any bookings.
The answer I always wanted to listen will always be
“Okay baby, Faster go book lar”.
After dozen of times I ask hubby about making fast decision to grab the
Free AA tickets, always ended up the same thing. I think I never listen coz
I will always ask the same question and Hubby answer the same to me.
Still I will ask. .. eventhough I know the likely outcome.

Texted him, using different phrase so my text doesn’t sound pushy… then
immediately got the reply from Hubby, he said ‘mah go lor’.
!!!!!! ‘mah go lor’.. means go and book lor.. (in my understanding)


thats the last part of the text he replied.

‘Mah Go Lor’ sounded okay right? But in fact, yea.. u go and book later going
to kena nag from me

what my Hubby wrote in the first part of the text?
The text is exactly the same including the dot dot but most of the time,
The meaning is always the same lar:
“Can you tell me how many place do u wan to go next week n u
roughly calculate our expenses n leave… Taiwan, bali.. What else?
If u think ok mah go lo”

Maybe next time kena smarter.. since Hubby answers going to be the same,
come back to my blog archive and read this again.

But don’t be fooled, eventhough I know will kena nag, if I really found the right
destination, right time, right price, 75% I will still make the bookings and face
the consequences… like maybe.. I said maybe cut down on shopping, save
more money for holiday.

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