Travel 2010

This few weeks have been thinking of 2010 Travel Plan.
Holiday plan. Then today got the email from Air Asia, the FREE tickets
promotion starting tomorrow 11 November 2009. Got me thinking
where to go.. where to go. .

Bangkok? Melbourne then Tasmania, Macau & Hong Kong, Taiwan,
Ireland & London, Japan?

I know I can only choose 1 expensive destination for travel next year
with HB. Some kind of Terms & Conditions by Hubby coz he said I’m
going fanatic already when comes to Holiday. (who’s not? just HB jek)

I have been asking HB that I’ll like to go Bangkok for shopping. But really
if BKK is just for shopping, eventhough is very cheap, I am not really a
person that like to shop so much when travel. . I prefer destination where
I can really learn about the country, the history, the culture, or simply
experience the life there, sightseeing and trying out local food. So BKK,
will be a destination where if there is free tickets and really want to get
rid of KL, then its the place. But if I have other options I will go elsewhere.

Then recently I searched more information on Ireland and Australia.
You know what? There is no direct flight from Malaysia to Ireland. So
getting to Ireland you must fly to London and either connecting flight
to Dublin or train to Dublin. We have fren in Ireland, a relative in London,
and ex boss in London, so I guess accommodation won’t cost us much, but
still we need to stay at some guesthouse when we travel to different
locations in Ireland. But wow the Flight ticket is so expensive and
going to Ireland, at least 2 weeks travel is needed, or else its a waste of
money to go there and exploring Ireland and London and some nearby
Europe countries going to cost a Bomb. So this gonna need more plans
and budget to be there which not going to be next year. Ireland & London
in Year 2010- Out.

Taiwan pulak, coz recently Ivy suggested we go together. So wait and
see how her planning goes. Frankly I prefer to go Melbourne & Tasmania
next year. But the currency is very expensive now. Hong Kong & Macau
I already think think of going since last year until now oso never materialize.

How I wish I have lots of money and work leave so can travel as and when
I like. I guess everyone thinks the same also hahaha my company should
increase the number of annual leave to 30days..

Headache.. headache..

Oh I forgot. See tonight how, If I can get free tickets to Bali, I guess
I will book and fly there just to relax. Same date next year? Bali 2010?

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