Planning and Budgeting: Cambodia


Its November and in about 2 weeks we will be on Holiday In Cambodia for 7 Days 6 Nights. Sounds like a Long Holiday? I thought so in the beginning, but after planning for the trip and with lots of kinda in a bit of rushing and some mode of travelling that takes much of the time when we are there. We have booked a promotional flight offered by MAS this time, and kekekekekke so happy its been so looooooooooooooog since I step my foot at KLIA departure hall and actually taking a flight from there. Kinda bored with Air Asia and LCCT but they are the cheapest carrier anyone can get here in Malaysia so far.

Our Trip Planned
(Time in 24hrs format)

Cambodia destination: Phnom Penh (PP) & Siem Reap (SR)

Travel Duration: 7 Days 6 Nights

Day 1
10:15 – Arrival Phnom Penh
Whole Day Free & Easy and Chill out with Andrew & Wife
I think wont be using much money here as we will be staying in Andrew’s residence

Day 2
07:30 – Mekong Express Deluxe Coach from PP to SR
13:30 – Approximately 5/6 hrs ride to reach SR
13:30 – Tuk Tuk Hotel Transfer arrange by
14:00 – Check In Hotel
15:00 – Lunch and Rest in Guest House (Free & Easy)
17:00 – See Sunset at Phnom Bakheng & Get Next Day Pass
19:00 – Dinner and Chill Out

Day 3
04:30 – Wake Up and Break Fast
05:30 – Watch Sunrise, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom
10:30 – If too Hot, Go back to Hotel to Rest & Lunch
15:30 – Continue in Angkor Wat and Other Temples
18:30 – Dinner at Local Restaurant

Day 4
06:00 – Wake Up and prepare to go to Tonle Sap OR
……… If take 3 Days Pass continue visit Temples
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Visit Silk Farm, National Landmines Museum
18:30 – Dinner at Local Restaurant
19:00 – Optional Cultural Dance

Day 5
08:00 – Visit Temples or Free & Easy
11:30 – Check Out from Hotel
12:00 – Hotel Transfer to Bus Station Journey back to PP
18:30 – Arrive at PP
19:00 – Dinner

Day 6
Free & Easy in PP

Day 7
11:00 – Journey back to Malaysia

I will update more on some insight after travelling in Cambodia and the Travel Budget when I am back visiting. Hope I wont blow my budget.

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