I tried to wake up this morning. My alarm was set at 6am.
It rang and I stop it. Just like that, easy peasy just a click.
and I failed to wake up in the morning to jog and started
the day feeling miserable due to my increasing weight.

Yesterday I had 2 slice of cheesy ham loaf bought from Bread
Story (its really yummy) but I only had 2 slice with a cup of
milk, and this morning my weight goes down to 56.3Kg.
I’m not amazed or happy at all coz my weight never went
down to 55 at all. Sucks like hell. Hubby told me that after
tonight, my weight will go up again. He is so confident when
he said that remark this morning. ‘Faint’

Why he so confident? COZ…..
I’m going to have a tea session with my fellow ex colleagues
its been a while. and I am imagining how are they going to
react when they saw my meaty face. No, I am not going to
let hubby win or something.. my dinner is just going to be
salad or some tong sui from Papa Rich and a glass of Soy Milk.
I’ve made up my mind..wait.. Papa Rich don’t have salad.
Nvm, I grab some bread minus the butter. I’ve made up my
mind. Yes.

I’ll post again tomorrow, I want to proof that I really order
just that 2 things. and Jog tmr evening with Hubby.
Yeah I know my words here not convincing. SHIT @&$^$
I’m going to make it happen. Mark my words.

Believe me pls.
Believe me!!!

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