My Recent Online Shopping

If anyone seen me recently, my body weight has increased from 51Kg to 57kg.
A new record I never ever reached before, and I am really getting sick of
the new record. Already feeling miserable, If my weight don’t go down,
I got nothing to wear for my trip next month to Cambodia. I got nothing to
wear .. ass being oversize now, hips and thigh with lots of flabby fat and
the cellulite is really showing.. like u can see many lines of orange peel .
I feel ugly instantly and the feeling never left me.

Tonight after I am going for a jog with hubby, I must jog from today onwards,
make it daily until our trip to Cambodia next month. See how my diet &
exercise plan goes. Life is sucks when u put on weight without eating much.
Not even a buffet or something. Dinner is a no no from now on. Rice is forbidden
in dinner. Afternoon cannot forbid the rice as I got no other food to eat now
since this week my colleagues and I started to order ‘Ngoi Mai’ from
Tammy catering for the chinese buffet. Cheap lunch RM5 usually with
3 choice of dishes like 1 meat 2 vege. Err. Not a food talk today.

And I did some Online Shopping recently for the following slimming product
which claim that it will help a bit..

Balo Chilling Slimming Gel.
I used it for 5 days now, and its really hot.
Result: Dunno yet, although my thigh still feel hot now from last nite
gel application.

Slimming Slipper.
I wear it whenever I am preparing food or walking at home with it.
The slipper is really cute, and the colour is not, not hard to walk on it too.
Result: A Bit like pulling effect for our nerve at the back of the thigh till
the heels. I guess have to wear it more often for the result to show.
Like better posture and slender leg.

Slimming Pants
This buy is a waste of money. And I seems to not learn from my
previous mistake. I ordered M~ L size and guess what, maybe the
taiwanese M~L size is actually XXS size. Its so small!! I cant even wear
it half the leg. Maybe my arm can wear that.
Result: Total waste.

Body Massager
This product I ordered from Singapore, and its yet to arrive. From the
look of it, I used a similar massager before, and by product from Elancyl.
Its actually very nice to use, and u get to put the soap inside it and use
to massage your leg and tummy. Really can show the effect.
Result: Don’t Know Yet

I hope all this cheap product can help me reduce the orange peel look
on my thigh and buttock. Thats the least demand I ask and need from
them .. what do you expect right?Nothing can beat a good exercise for
a youthful and stunning physical slender body and look.
Wish me and my hubby luck. I applied the slimming gel on his tummy
once too. kekekeke
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