Hubby and I have finally step our foot out of the house for the
1st time for a walk at our home compound. A few rounds of walk
and 2 rounds of jog in just one day, our weight reduced a little.

This is one of our first(s) and hope this will continue with strong
determination to reach our goal or healthy lifestyle and not be
called Fatty. Hubby call me fatty or porky now whereas his buddy
call him Fatty in return.. its sickening that ppl started to call us
fat and noticing the extra bumps or tyre on our body. Its so

We have been keeping our meal light for 3 days now, and try not
to have rice in our meals, as rice is very high in sugar and not
welcomed in our body.

Deep fried food is a NO NO but thats easy
to avoid as its not a food to our liking .. yea for both of us. We almost
have the same taste buds in food except my Hubby really really
x millions love those fatty Malay Food like nasi lemak + nasi dagang.
Its not that I dun like, its just I know its sinful food to our body.

Now my cooking includes lots of steam food which I am so happy
to introduce in our meals with the help of the Steam Cook Book I
recently bought and substitution of rice, we shall eat more vegetables
and fruits to fill up our stomach.

Hope that with all the healthy food and lifestyle we are determine to
reduce weight and have a healthy body and grow old together,
really really old and still holding our shaky hands together.

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