My Birthday Lunch @ Brussel Jaya One

Its my birthday today, and I receive lots of well wishes from my loves ones,
friends, colleagues and ex colleagues.
I better write it down here for those I remember lar, my hubby lor, my sister,
then Wendy, Kodoi-san, Annette, Lai SW, Chris Ng, Alvin Prudential, Anna,
Fion, Josephine, Wei Jun, Kevin, Patrick, Ai Lim, Chin Chin, Dominic Lau?
Calvin, Julie Chin, Lee AC, from this number: 012-3981196 (I dunno who is dat,
I dun dare to call to ask), Patrick, Samtph, Mel, S2K, CY, Jo, Fish, Fung, Novi,
those I have left out, I’m sure you wont get mad at the birthday girl right,
for those who forgot to wish me, I forgive you just give me present.
I had a wonderful lunch today, with Anna, Josephine and Fion. Fion can make
it for lunch with us, The 3 musketeers with 1 Chibi. 4 of us gila gila girl,
ordered the Lamb Shoulder (suppose this is Tuesday Menu, but Brussel says
the Lamb stew not available today). Thank you for celebrating my birthday
oh, wait for the guys to celebrate together.. memang teapot lar.
Tonight I am going to have dinner with Hubby and my SIL. Suppose go
Genji but Hubby said we will go just 2 of us but not today. I think were
going to mama’s Kitchen.
“Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday to Me !!!
Happy Birthday To Me’!!! Dun ask me How old I am.. coz somebody going
to get hurt. Anna still owe me a birthday song she said she wanted to sing
by shouting. I wonder when I can hear it. Kakakakakkakaka
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