My Early Birthday Celebration

Last Nite hubby plans to bring me to Genji Rest for Dinner. When I made
the calls for reservation, they don’t serve ala carte for Sat Dinner, thus
we have to change plan.
Where should we go? Porto Romano? Since we wanted to go for quite
sometime but nah.. I wanted to have Sashimi today. So we went to
Hanazen since he never been there. Who’s birthday celebration is it?
Nvm, we asked Man Sai whether he would like to join us, p/s he is
introducing his new girlfriend to us..
Before we went for dinner, we meet up with Kok Sun and Michelle for
a tea. Surprisingly our tea session turn out to be better than what I
expect. I don’t feel awkward this time, sitting with the newly married
couple.. maybe mainly I have shrugged off my previous biase treatment
with them. Such a small women, small heart. I let it go for good. No more
hard feelings I would say, and I know my hubby has been unhappy
about the whole thing but never said anything to me. Afterall his so what
call best buddy.
We went for Tea @ Old Town Kopitiam at Uptown, then to Hanazen,
follow by Shalome. Shalome is located at TTDI. This pub/restaurant has
changed owner a few times, but strangely they never change its name.
I’ve been there like 2 times dining and operated by 2 different owner,
my verdict food was good.
Now they change to pub with live band. If you like to have tea at the
mamak Chidas, then you’ll know about the Shalome. Their singing actually
draws crowd. So this time, we went there as hubby suggested their Guiness
Stout is cheap. 3 pines for RM55.
When the live band started singing, I actually leave a note to the band that
” Its my birthday, but not today. Its coming soon. Sing this song for
me ya” and the song that I requested is ‘Have I Told You Lately’ by
Rod stewart.
Me being so tak malu, when the band singer asked who wrote this,
without hesitation I raised my hand! woohoo!!… The best part is
the singer then sang the song, with a better version and I am so mesmerised
and I turn gila. Not really gila but I can’t stop looking at my hubby as he
sang the song together.. and the song is actually the song he sang it on our AD.
We were there from 10pm onwards until 1.30am Sunday morning.
After that we invited Man Sai and his Gf to come back to our house for another
round of drinks. On the house! I didn’t continue drinking, I just had a can of
Shandy and they finished our Baileys at home and the left over Bacardi Gold,
and Vodka and another dunno what liquor. As I remember there is 4 empty
Overall, I am happy with the early birthday celebration. Muaks to my hubby,
and I wonder where should we go for dinner on Monday, my Birthday?
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