How Many Recycled Bag Do You Have?

I have been keeping and using Recycled Bag for the past 4 years.
I always carry recycled bags around and I keep and use them
whenever I go shopping, grocery shopping and even using it
to put everything like my lunch box, my books etc.

For the past 3 months hubby & I decided to use recycled bag only
when we go Tesco for grocery shopping. We refused to use the
plastic bag.
How many Recycled Bag do we have? Where did I get the recycled Bag?
1. Hard Rock Bali (FOC)
2. Honda Malaysia (FOC)
3. Eastin Hotel (FOC) not in photo
4. Macau Tourism (FOC) not in photo
5. Strawberri (gift from Japan) not in photo
6. Eco Bag (RM19)
7. Cold Storage (RM forgot)
8. Tesco (FOC)
9. Carrefour (FOC) not in photo
10.Taylor’s University (FOC)

Are you doing your part in saving the environment? Start using
recycle bag more!

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