Birthday Gift in Advance

Hubby’s birthday falls on 31st Dec. And Guess what, I am so broke!!
He got his birthday present already. Last 2 year I got him a pair
of Oakley glasses and it cost me around RM900-1000. The previous
pair he got, is so old and worned out already, also an Oakley brand.

This year, I really puke blood. Hubby did not request of course.. but
I think I head shot myself as I persuade hubby to get a pair of
Oakley sunglasses, knowing the shopaholic me and my persuasive
manner, hubby got his birthday present 3 months in advance that
cost me RM1000.

As for me, I haven’t been wearing any sunglasses since last May
unfortunate incident where I lost my Fendi to the snatch thief.
Curse the snatch thief ‘go to hell’ &^%!$#*&^#

Last Saturday, since nothing to do, and hubby wasn’t around to keep
an eye on me and warn me about the plastic card, and with the lame
excuse of kakaka getting the swimming cap, I went to One Utama
yesterday with the intention of getting the swimming cap of course.
Mind you what are u thinking.. of course i got the swimming cap, I did
get another item too. That is.. deng deng deng.. sunglasses for me too.

I told hubby that I want a hair straightener for my birthday, but i dun
really need it now so I got a pair of sunglasses from Charles n Keith instead.
This fall collection, the sunglasses are really pretties, it cost my hubby RM119
only. Cheapest birthday present I got from hubby.. he is so surprise
save his pocket this time (of course lar, next month go Cambodia).

Thanks dear, pls pay for my sunglasses.. it only cost 10% from yours..

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