Gila Emo

Last Friday, I gila Emo with my hubby at night.
Its something that my hubby said all these while that does not
trigger my insane mind.. but on that very day, I go berserk.

Out of the blue, my hubby kena from me, he just let me rant,
let me speak, let me complaint and he appologize to me.
Come to think back, actually its nothing, but I think I have
hormonal imbalance, or due to my mood swing since days ago,
I just have to bully someone, and my hubby is the person. The
right person at the most appropriate time. I know I am bad, but
I am sorry too, for going berserk.

The next day, Hubby go back Kuantan, I so miss him. I know
I shouldn’t go berserk. Feeling so guilty. I wish I can go back with
him, but I also wish to take care of my mum who just discharge
from hospital due to some optional women surgery. Saturday
seems to be a long day for me, without hubby around, I went
to mama’s house at 2pm, and spend the rest of the evening there.
The whole day I sms with my hubby, dunno he think I fan or not.
I myself already feel so fan.. its like disturbing him only, or
disturbing his time with family in Kuantan. What to do, after
arguement, jadi guilty then jadi lagi miss lor.. coz I am wrong,
but I am not totally wrong, hubby is also bad if not I wont go
berserk ma.

Anyway, I am glad, hubby did not treat me coldly the next day,
which I appreciate it very much, if not the rest of my weekends
just sucks lar. Oh, and I am surprise he call me /video call me
to show me how Wallie the Puppy look like.. its a Labrador.
Cute, now its light beige colour, going to turn brown soon.

Why I am not really the one at fault, but I still feel guilty? Hmmm..
hate this kind of feeling.

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