Jip San Leong

Today went out lunch with my fellow colleagues and I recall
Kok Sun’s wedding, the whole process of the Jip San Leong,
which does not include Bridesmaid game session with the
Heng Dai, and also the dinner at Ritz Carlton without the
romantic Wedding March In and the dress of the Brides that
does not fit.. thinking of it, I really felt sorry for Michelle.
The Big Day wasn’t perfect, and the supposingly hilarious
game session in the morning does not even exist.

For my wedding, eventhough Jimmy dun like the idea but at

last on our AD, I am so happy that Jimmy and the Heng Dai,
my Jimuis are game for it. At least in my memory I still can
laugh about it and talk about how my morning session goes,
and I blush when I see Jimmy on that day, so unexpected!!
Yea, really blush.. muka malu malu.. kakkakakakkaka

Come to think of it, that very morning, the house is so lively
with so many friends and relatives around, the games sessions,
Jimmy calling my phone while I am hiding in another room the
whole hoo haa is so hilarious.. then on our way back to home with
all the papparazzi friends taking photos.. Lucky we have them,
the greatest gift they gave us in fact are not the angpow, its
their presence on that day, the photos they taken for us, they
gave us the gift that money can’t buy.

I talk like the Wedding is just yesterday hahaha, anyway thanks
to my family, friends, colleagues, ex colleagues, bosses, ex bosses
for making the whole day memorable. I love you guys so much!!!!

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