No Mood

Today is the 2nd day of work, after the Hari Raya Holiday.
Although I am energetic but my hearts are rather unhappy.
Totally no mood today.. Feeling helpless.. hate this time
of the month. .

Then.. today is also the date where
One of the Japanese expatriate Mr. Takamasa Ito is leaving
to Japan after 5 years in Malaysia. I didn’t know that
I will be in tears when I bid farewell to him.. he is a very
humble person, generous but a naughty person. If you wear
sexy, he’ll look at you like.. dunno how to describe.. just very
frightening for me, but apart from that, he is a nice man.

Thinking back, when we have dinners sometime ago together
with Go Suzuki and Ito, when we talk about the Tongkat Ali
and Kacip Fatimah he is so eager to buy it and after the dinner
he went to the 7 eleven to get it. LOL. Then there’s once
where he asked about another prescription similar to Viagra
but better.. If not mistaken Ciadin. Which me and Fion help
him to buy it at the pharmacy and Fujimoto paid for it.
Besides his naughty part, whenever he go back to Japan, he
will buy souvenier for me.. which is also I requested it at first.
Hello Kitties sticker, fan, key chain then the Japanese foldable
umbrella.. Thanks to him, I really like it.
All the best to you Mr. Ito, I do hope we keep in touch.

The 3 japanese in this photo already re-assigned to
Japan or Bangkok. T_T

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