Had dinner last night at boatHouse TTDI. Hubby and I have been
planning to dine there for over a year, and today is the day. Sounds like
we are pretty broke all these can’t afford nice food.

boatHouse has a pretty impressive bar, as u can see.. its actually an
aquarium. Wonder what happen if we spill some beers inside the tank.
The Chef’s a women, I think the owner too, friendly. We waited for 10 mins
and our food has not arrive, so the chef send us a big plate of fried calamari
rings salad. Thumbs up for the generosity and also the service.. (They
charge 15% of tax dining there okay)

Here’s the pics. We ordered 300gm of beef steak, see the fire there? they
cook the steak with henessy, ordered medium rare, and for hubby his

Total damage: RM155 including tax. Rather expensive dinner, we hope to

come again, but till next visit which is not going to be anytime sooner, will
visit try other restaurant for good food.
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