The Dress

I’ve found The Dress.. added to my Closet.
Kakakakakka have been searching high and low for the
right dress with the right price.

This month, I went to several places to shop, in hope to get a dress
that does not burn my pocket and also won’t get any warning
from hubby ( Big Spender).

I went to Le Ann Maxima, twice, tried on a number of dress,
a Red Long Dress Price Tag RM286, although look nice but no way
I’m going to buy that. I mean how many times will I wear that dress?
Its so long and flowy, I couldn’t even wear it to work.. who wear long
dress to work by the way.

Then I tried on another dress a Deep V hmm.. there’s 3 colours
white, black and red. I like the red colour too bad left only L size.
Tried on the white S size fit, M size too big, but my boobs not big enough
so look kinda flat chested. Out.

Then I tried on a blouse with gold thread RM350+?? Too expensive,
RM350+ for a blouse I can go get a nice one from Armani, or BeBe
or Raoul. No way I am going to spend on a Le Ann Maxima Local

Then hahahaha I found a lovely dress online. Its a brand new dress and
the price tag RM60 only!!! I’ve decided.. I should get that. Does not
burn my pocket and its the latest Fall 2009 style with those Optic
Illusion Motif.

So this month I’m on the way to Successful Savings!!

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