Most Unwanted Award

(how come the ‘a’ is small letters and the WARD is Capital Letters?
This is no Joke coz our Pocket has been warded in ICU, Intensive Care Unit)
Most Pocket Broke Month!
We have 2 wedding reception this month,
invitation from Hubby’s Buddy and
their wedding reception is going to be at
Equatorial KL on 19th Sept
Ritz Carlton on 20th Sept,
Which Means Big Ang Pow!!
Thats y our pocket has been warded at the ICU,
Besides that, to be added to the seriousness of the
Pocket Blood Puking Disease
is still planning to spend some money on
1) Wedding gift
2) Buying Dinner Dress
(Yes, I am still planning, went to Le ann Maxima tried some dress there just now,
still playing in my mind whether to buy or not to buy, whether to spend
or stick to my plan of spending RM100 per month for shopping, but this is not
the usual shopping that I went, its actually a need of attire for special occasion
like wedding dinner, I didn’t ask to be invited, but if I am not invited I’ll be pissed but
still we’re invited, of course have to dress nicely to imporess right , But but but
If i buy any clothes now hubby sure will kill me geh wor coz i overspend ..
what to do .. what to do.. or I spend now then next 2 mth no shopping? But I also need
a pair of nice heels wor.. come I sound like a shopaholic? Chi Sin!!! )
Don’t worry, sure will discharge from ICU geh
Next month lor..
Opss.. Next Month is October wor..
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