What’s in your BAG?

My Toscano Yellow Leather Bag is so heavy already.
Added into all this rubbish in the bag, I am quite amazed
why I can carry it daily to work.

Things in my Bag today, and almost all the time.. let me check
now and list it here.. deng deng deng..!!!

1. Petit Cut Memo Pad
2. 1 pc Dentyne White Mentol Chewing Gum
3. Ball Pen
4. Instant Hand Sanitizer
5. Name Card from Property Agent
6. Working Calendar 2009 Pocket Size
7. Note Pad Pocket Size
8. Coach Wrislet
9. Jim Thomson Pouch
10. Le Sportsac Tissue Holder
11. LV Purse
12. Vaseline Petroleun Jelly for Lip
13. Natio Lip Gloss
14. 2 packs pocket tissue
15. Estee Lauder Beautiful travel size perfume spray
16. Anna Sui Travel size Face powder
17. 3 sets of Keys
18. Employee card
19. Tampon
20. Handphone
21. Reader’s Digest Aug 09 issue
22. Mails
23. Wet Tissue from Tesco

Wow.. I didn’t know I have 23 items in my BAG!
What can I take out from my bag? Nothing!! hahahaha
Continue to carry this heavy Bag

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