Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

Happy Merdeka Day!!

Every year Merdeka eve Jimmy did not celebrate with me.
Its the same this year.. he went out to with the guys for
some vice action..

What vice?
Alcohol lor..
Hubby came back at 2.30am+ and vomitted twice. Luckily
I don’t have to clean up after him.. he vomitted into the toilet bowl!!
Bravo!! a huge improvement too!!! He came back not so drunk,
therefore his clothes is still on him.. And he Bring someone home
with him.. . luckily a MR. The never drunk Man Sai is drunk
this time.. hahaha .. so he overnight at our house and slept in the
3rd room.

Although I am worried, but still I manage to sleep soundly after hubby
said he will be fine and keep on asking me to go sleep.

This morning I woke up at 8am and get ready to go for breakfast
with my parents and sis. Hubby is still sleeping.. ish.. nvm…. coz
Yuppie Merdeka for Me.. Its my Shopping Day!! After breakfast at
the famous Fish Head Noodle in Tmn Desa, mom and I went to
Midvalley to shop.

First I go in MNG.. browse clothes, found a blouse made in Hong Kong?
Black again RM159.. abit pricey but the quality and style is good.
(Put it back I have too many black colour clothes already)
Then we went to ZARA, nothing… JASPAL, nothing. Metrojaya..
Somerset Bay has a nice black colour long sleeve knitted cardigan.. nice..
after 30% discount still cost RM140. Too expensive for a last piece.
(Black again?)
Then I went to TopShop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins.. saw a nice
pink dress.. What? Maternity clothes? shit.. it doesn’t look like maternity
to me at all. I put it back.. rolling my eyes.. I walk out.. then we went to
Gardens Isetan. Tada!!! I found a blue cardigan from Cultivation.
Price RM69 Less 10%.. look good to me and cheap.. I’ll get that. Kaching!!
Paid!!! Total Damage.. I spend less than RM100!!

Actually found another nice white with black motif cardigan during my second time walk into MNG.
Aiya I like it so much! So elegant and nice material.. timeless!!! RM175 New collection. Too Expensive
for a cardigan lar… Wait for sale.. if MNG sale this item is still available I’ll but it instantly 50% OFF
perhaps!!! DREAMING.

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