I’m going to Drive

After rounds and repetitions of my black face..
Hubby stressed that I should drive and send him to work
instead of the other way around. Since he is too busy
and me waiting for him at office like soh poh, I give in lor.

Me driving means wake up 15 minutes earlier.
Today is the first day I wake up 15 minutes earlier to
send hubby to work. So sleepy. After taken my shower
and changed to working clothes I get back to bed and
dozed off for another 15-20 minutes, while hubby in
the toilet doing his business and shower and weighing
and shaving etc. Yea Men oso got so much thing to do in
the toilet geh hahahah

Just before I heard his shower turn off, I quickly put on
my make up .. aiks hubby not out yet after i put on my
make up. So .. ahahahahhaha i climb back to bed and
close my eyes waiting and listening to the shower

I know, by climbing back to bed like this I didn’t really
can get more quality sleep, but its worth it.. just lazying
around, dragging the time to go to work!

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