Crab Crab Crab Crab

This morning discussed with Hubby regarding reducing
weight again. Then we talk about tmr dinner going
for Crab as one of our fren Man Sai would like to belanja
us.. hehe .. I have been looking forward to eat the crab
at Greenview Restaurant near to Rothsman roundabout.

Bliss.. I actually love crab the most of all seafood..
squid and prawns are not my favourite lei geh!!!

Since hubby said need to diet abit, then we cannot have
alot of fatty food for Saturday lor. So I suggested
to have the following menu:

Morning: 1 bowl of oat meal with Marmite
Afternoon/Tea Time: Chicken Pie (self bake)
Dinner: CRAB!!!

Hip Hip Hooray.. I am gonna have Crab tomorrow!!!
“sudah gila”

Later need to go Cold Storage to get some supplies for the
chicken pie.. hmm thinking of what variety of chicken
pie i would like to cook.

1) Mushroom chicken Pie
2) Curry Potato chicken Pie
3) Creamy Cheesy Ham Chicken Pie

Looks like all also very fattening wor?
Vegetables Pie? OMG no way!!! Yuckiee…

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