No Children

Maybe some of you know, in Japan alot of couples
option not to have children. So these couples only have
each other in the Family= Husband and Wife without Child
and its very common.

My previous Japanese boss, Fujii-san too doesn’t have
children. His life looks like excitement all the time, when he
goes for holiday he will go diving with his wife, they always
travel.. and really enjoy themselves.

Today, I went out with another couple, also Japanese
the Japanese boss is 38 years old this year. His wife, I
have no idea how old. But I can see them as very happily
married. They talk non stop, laugh and looks really lovey
dovey just like newly weds. They too doesn’t have children.

Conclusion is.. in a marriage, no children does not mean
unhappy marriage, its how you look at it, its never meant
uncomplete. A complete Family does not mean happy

So for those couple who seperated because their
reason is no children to bind the family together.. I think its
just an excuse not to work harder to keep the marriage healthy.
Its just an excuse, to give up the marriage.

Till death do us part.. for good and for worst.

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