The circumstances

There you go.. Jogoya half price right still cost RM50 per person.
So if u go for buffet, you have to eat until its worth it right?

I had 7 pcs of raw oyster.
10 pcs at least of fresh prawn
1 bowl of seafood soup
2 scoop haegan Daz
2 pcs of steam fish
and lots of ETC

Lesson learned again and again don’t overeat..

After the buffet, luckily I don’t have many symptoms on Sunday,
except emergency toilet visit once at Mid Valley that time for a
short bom to Jakarta.

Monday morning started to feel nausea.. I guess the food still inside
me started to poison me.. then I went home in the afternoon
to rest until night time went to c dr. No more diarhoera.. but there’s
fever and bone sakit.

Tuesday were on leave, feeling weak.. and spend whole day at home
almost, except a trip to Ritz Carlton for office matter and then to
mum’s house for dinner… not yet tell hubby abt that.

Then Wednesday morning before go to work, Bom until Himalaya
twice.. so smelly!!! then afternoon whole day stomach feel so
uncomfortable. In the Evening skip Japanese class.. and went home
Bom again to Thailand, and continues until midnight.

Today is Thursday and my stomach still feel uncomfortable..

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