Jogoya and 1st Year Anniversary

This afternoon, hubby got a call from a friend
saying the other couple which I dun prefer to meet
wanna join us for Jogoya.

Hubby agreed straight away, but I am not happy
to meet them. Hubby try to make me laugh and asked
me to forget the uneventful incident that happen.
Past is past.. but still our supper at Jogoya are
partly our anniversary celebration coz after the supper
its our anniversary day 26 & 27 July.

Although I am not willing to meet them, but I do
not want to make myself unhappy because of them,
I told myself. I am still going to enjoy the night without
needing to entertain or talk to them.

Dinner at Jogoya, was okay, alot of varieties but
the crowd is too much! Thats my only comment.

On the same day, went to Isetan shopping.
I bought a Timberland slipper for hubby as anniversary
gift, whereas I got a bracelet from Thomas Sabo and
Hubby chose a strawberry charm . my 1st charm!

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