1st Year Anniversary

Our 1st year anniversary on paper.
Yes we are legally married since 26th July 2008.

Our anniversary falls on Sunday this year, hmm
wanna know how to celebrate our anniversary?
We are going for supper at Jogoya on 25 July eat from
9.40-12am. kakakakka actually coincidently
friends will be here from Sabah, we have to take care
of them, and have a get together with other friends.

This morning Hubby asked me what I want for anniversary.
Surprisingly he asked me again wor.. hahahahhaha
Hubby said if its over RM1000 that would be my
anniversary + birthday present. Nvm lar combine jau
combine lar I dont mind.. as long got gift. Thanks
ny for being so generous. I have yet to think what I wanted.

Few months ago, I told him that I want a diamond necklace
for anniversary, but I am so lucky i won In a lucky draw,
a diamond necklace from Poh Kong, courtesy from PJ Hilton’s
Secretary Club party. So hubby doesn’t have to buy me
another one. I have 1 neck to wear oni ma.. hahaha.
Rings nevermind I have 10 fingers.

What do I want? Hmmm

1) Luxury Handbag-(cannot hubby wont buy, coz i just got
1 in June 2009, and no more handbag purchase until 2010)

2) Laptop- Hubby were suggesting Sony or Mac!!! I wish I can
have a Mac. But I seldom use laptop geh, summo I’m using
one from the office which i can bring home if i wanna use
during the weekend, or use hubby’s geh. so its not a necessity
for me.. this one can wait.. (if i want to wait)

3) New glasses– my last pair i got is 5 years ago. I need this more
than anything. But getting this gift like not so romantic wor.

4) Charms from Thomas Sabo- Was asking hubby to get 1 charm
for me each year wedding. But Hubby said waste money.
But I like charm wor.. a necklace with charm .. nice mar??

5) Ring- For each year anniversary. Hubby pening dy.

6) Watch- I seldom wear watch geh. Coz don’t have a nice one,
the last watch i got is a gift from my ex bf from swatch. Now the
battery is dead and i did not do anything to it, except its still
in my working bag for ages.. like burried there. 🙂 The I got 1
white colour watch from Follie Follie. Dunno y i like their
accessories so much! ! What watch should I get? From burberry?
Coach? This 2 brand geh watch is trendy type. How bout Tissot?
I like Longines wor.. but its so expensive at least RM3-5K wor..

7) Shoes Means wife lari. cannot anyway I have lot dy.. tak habis
pakai. summo forgotten i have such shoes tim.

8) Clothes- I have alot, just spree recently wor.

9) Money- Not romantic. Dunwan

10) Upgrade my diamond? hahahha but i don’t dare to wear.
Economy no good. My fingers more precious than the diamond.

Macam mana leh?
Korek kepala now

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