Healthy Living

After our Health Check last week, this week we
embark on our quest for Healthy Living. Yup, You hear me

About FOOD
Since Monday, I told myself. We reduce eating out.
So I’ll cook at home for dinner more often. Lets see can
stick to the plan or not

Monday : Yes. Home Cook Meal
Tuesday : Yes. Home Cook Meal
Wednesday : I have Japanese Class. Jimmy eat Frozen Pizza.
Thursday : I will cook
Friday : Fren from Sabah is here, have to take care of them.

5 weekdays and only manage to cook 3 days? Hmm seems to have
lots of activity leh.. nevermind as long I cook right?

Hubby sure say geh S*xercise included as exercise mou?
Sorry ny, not included in this category.

Well, this is only on me. Hubby says he wanna join gym @ Clark Hatch.
I have set the alarm to wake up at 5.30am to do exercise.
Monday : Alarm Rang. Stop alarm
Tuesday : Same as above. Continue sleep
Wednesday : Alarm Rang. Stop alarm. But wake up at 6.07 and do
some crunches for 20 min.
Thursday : Plan to walk walk after dinner with Hubby. & wake up
5.30am for a jog.
Friday : Plan to walk walk after dinner with Hubby. & wake up
5.30am for crunches.

Seriously, 30 min for exercise is not enough. My crunches today, only
very simple geh already taken up 20 mins. But I have no time to continue
have to get ready to work!!!!

HOPE i will still stick to the plan.

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