Hubby was stunned

I read a MB member blog today, which I’ve been following
for quite some time now. Dunno she aware I am following
her blog or not .. haha..

She’s Ashley :
Does this makes me a stalker? I hope she don’t think I am
a stalker? Sometimes what she wrote gives me some pointers
to my own life too.

Her blog yesterday said that she has been taking her hubby
for granted… Hmmm looking back at myself, did I do that too
to myself?

Recently I told my bestie that I’m concentrating more to
myself rather than hubby. Well, there’s numerous times
I pissed off Jimmy but he is not exactly angry, but I do pissed
him off.

Every morning when we go to work, Jimmy will help me
choose my heels to suit my dress/working clothes that day.
He’ll always remember to get my heels and he’ll come to
know which heels colour I would prefer to wear and due to what.
Colour, height and comfort. But… for me sometimes I will get
my own heels when hubby not ready. So I’ll choose my shoes
and put it at the doorstep … deng deng deng I’ll close the door
not realizing I forgot Jimmy’s shoe. I always do that and this
really piss off hubby. kakakakkaka He doesn’t mind actually
coz he know my mind was somewhere when I pick up my
shoes .. I am always day dreaming. just thinking of different
things all the time.

Then whenever I went shopping, I’ll go to shops and buy
clothes, handbags and shoes whatever I can think off.. and I
splash on anything but I forgot at last to buy socks for hubby.
Yeah evil me, I think I am selfish already. My goal is to look
even better after married, cause I hate ppl call me ah soh or
auntie. So I always want to look good. Psst look good in a way
I can buy new clothes to hide my flaws… like growing size of my
fatty tummy, fatty butt, fatty piggie legs. I’ve put on 5kg
since married and this is bad.. I know.. I’ll do something about
it. I promised to myself. Just dunno when . Okay.

So here, back to the questions. Did we taken granted of our
own husband? I think so.

Therefore, out of the moon.. when hubby was driving me to
office.. I asked him to take his time to think carefully. His
reaction was.. okay.. he didn’t know what question I am going to
post. So Most of the time he can answer my question immediately.
I asked what Ashley suppose to ask her hubby.
“Ny, How Do You Want Me To Love You?”
My Hubby WAS STUNNED!!! Yup.. He couldn’t answer me
just yet. He said he need time to think….. Hahahahha

Have a nice day Ny. . I don’t think he knew my blog, but then
I wish him didn’t I?

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