I love my husband?

Last Wednesday went to Brussel @ Jaya One
for dinner with one of the Japanese boss.
He had a chat, asking when he lost his virginity.
At the age of 16 years!!! wow.. very young leh!

Then he ask me when I want BB. Then I said I am trying lor.
Then I ask how bout you? When your BB coming?
He said “No” no BB.
I am so surprise he said no BB?
Then i asked him, I heard that ppl speculate that
your wife is pregnant. Is it true?
Then he said no.. then later found out he already
seperate sleep with wife.
I ask him Y? then y married. Don’t you love your
wife. I ask so many question and his answer was No.
Huh? Duh?

Then he ask me whether i love my husband or not.
Of course lar. If not y i married to him?
Dunno y this Japanese geh thinking. Strange.

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