Dinner with Family

Yesterday went home dinner with Family.
Sister didn’t come home this time, coz Alvin is sick.
So bro bring the food to sis, so she no need to cook.
Miss mum’s cooking so much.
Haven’t been going home for a while. Too
busy with friends visiting and then back to
Kuantan etc. Even spending time at own home
also limited.

Jimmy went overseas twice for the past two weeks
but i didn’t manage to move my butts to go home
and visit my old folks. So sorry mum and pa.

This time, i bought some langsat home after
a short trip to pasar malam to buy fruits.
Then at night at mum’s place help mama to
fold the clothes. Hubby said y i so gwai, at own home
oso need him to remind me to do. Halooo..
where got such thing. I do fold clothes at home,
didn’t even wait ma. Jealous pulak. I am just doing
my part be good daughter only. Since the clothes
not fold yet, so i fold lor.. helping my mum ma.
She so old already summo cooking for hours for
the dinner.


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