Yesterday merajuk to hubby told him I idam durian.
Have not eaten a good durian since we started planning
for wedding. That was like 1 year plus. But hubby don’t
believe got that long.

Really I merajuk this time, told him I want to have it
@ SS2. Suppose to go tonight, but hubby got plan
to meet business partner lor.. so unhappy jor. Then
hubby promised to bring me. Can’t wait …

This morning, hubby is out again, have to bring the
Korean for Breakfast before leaving Malaysia. I am left
at home again. So I walk out to Peekaboo for a haircut.
Made a booking with Ivana, my hairstylist at 10.30am

After the haircut, asked hubby to pick me for brunch.
My menu for the brunch? Durian hahahahhahahah
We went to SS2 and reach there about 12pm. The
durian not yet arrive? how come? Asked the stall
operator, he said 1pm, they will open. Aiyo we have
1 hour to kill, to we just drove around SS2 looking for
Hong Leong bank to bank in a cheque for SIL.
After rounds whole SS2. There is no HLBB in SS2 lar.

Then I went to help Shirley Laubsher to buy the silicon
bra from Amour boutique next to Starbuck for RM22.90
only. Its Freebra the same brand I bought 5 years ago.
Even the BS asked how come my bra is so sticky unlike
others lol

Almost 1pm we round the durian stall again. Hip Hip Hurray!
Its open! The lorry full of durians has just arrive.
we ordered 2 biji durian (dunno what breed, just told the
operator I like the taste is creamy, not sweet type geh
durian..) and he found us the durian. After had 2 biji
we add 1 more.. so nice! Total damage RM49 for 3 biji durian.
Abit pricey but its a guarantee makan.

This is the website of the durian stall in ss2

After we had the durian, wao our mouth really stinko lor
quickly went home to brush teeth and gargle with listerine.
But hubby does not want to do that. The whole day he was
blowing his mouthful of durian smell to my face..
Yeah he will have this opportunity whenever we ate durian and
he’ll have to wait for 2010 for another trip of durian feast.

Thanks ny, for full filling my wish to eat durian.
Next one in my wish list is CRAB and must be Greenview Crab.
Hope to go next month.

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