Health Screening Result

This morning went to Tung Shin to collect the
Health Report.

Hubby’s Result:
1) Fatty Liver
2) High blood pressure possibility need to monitor
3) High cholesterol
4) Hubby’s BMI 29.2 (Overweight)
All these are co-related. So therefore its called the Modern Day Sickness
its reversible.

We also did a Tumour Marker Test. Thank God . Nothing!!

Doctor Recommendation:
Hubby to Reduce Weight 10Kg.

My Result:
I am healthy and nothing to be worried off.

When Dr said about me healthy and no overweight, my hubby just
blurted out. How can this be? I put on 5kg and I am not overweight
hahahhah funny..

Anyway, Glad that both of us are Healthy and Hubby need to
change his diet and also lifestyle. Good. If he complaint anything
I’ll tell him its Dr Recommendation!!

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