Skincare Disaster

I recently bought a product last Sunday,
which i use before. Its Dermedex recommended by Hui Min.

Actually its a good product. But I use it wrongly this time..
Kind of overdose I think. I leave the cleanser as a mask on
Monday morning and then apply my make up. Then
at night i apply it again as a mask. Imagine 7am to 7pm.
Then reapply 7.30pm to to 6.30am..

What is the effect? I felt my face burnt and become sensitive.
and my face when i touch it, it felt like pasir paper!!!
shit.. I am overdoing it again and this is what happen.

Mon – Thu. my face still red and sensitive.
Pls pls.. feel so sad dy. What remedy can i do?
Tonight going to add some honey into the cell food water and spray
on my face see can help or not. then apply my usual wangi
beauty cream.

Tmr i am not going to work, i need to let my face rest .. and
with this condition, i dunwan to further irritate my face.
The more irritation, the more my neck and my chest couldn’t
take it. They are red too.

Help!!! Help!!

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