Health Screening

After months of delaying the Health Screening.. due to numerous
reasons.. we finally pushed ourself to make it this time.
One way or another, we have to do it as soon as possible and
of course before we hit the jackpot (hehehe).

I went to pick up Jimmy at 9am, reached Mon’t Kiara at 9.40am,
arrive at Tung Shin Hospital at about 10.30am, started the test about
10.45am. Fuh.. the whole process, ECG, X Ray, Ultrasound, then the
blood test and the urine test, all done by 12.30. Then we have to
see Dr. Kwan last and there were so many ppl there waiting already.

12.30pm is the time i should be leaving. My boss arrive at the airport
from Bangkok at 12.10.. calculating calculating tik tok tik tok he should
reach office by 1pm. I need to get back to office before 1.30pm. Scratching
my head, i walk to the nurse counter and told them i need to leave, or
else my boss will give me a very bad time if i’m late. The nurse are
so kind enough, she help me to talk to the dr and we successfully jump
queue.. eventhough we feel guilty, but i am so sorry for other patients
who are sick. Sorry for my bad time management. But I really need to

We had a normal eye test and to my surprise, my husband has a mild
colour blind. a picture of Number 74, he read it as 21, a picture of
Number 3 he read it as 8. So okay, thats a discovery for both of us.
Seems my husband has the same what u call.. diagnosis or symptom
or problem as Wei Jun. Okay okay my hubby wasn’t happy I said he had
a mild colour blind. Psst i have to stop saying all this to ppl. If u read it
here, pls keep it to urself.

After the eye test, we met the Dr. and 2 trainee guy Dr.
and the Dr. ask hubby, do you smoke?
This is funny. Hubby answer professionally.
” Yes. “
Dr. ask again. How many sticks per day.
“5 sticks, But only Monday to Friday”. me and hubby look at each other, and
we look at the puzzled look of the 3 Drs. hahahha then hubby continued
” Weekend is off day, my wife doesn’t allow smoking”. Hahahhaha
the Dr. just smiled .. I find it funny.

After that is my turn and it went quick. By 12.45pm we were out of the
hospital and head back to my office straight. On the way, we munch on
the banana raisin bun I bought at Cake Sense on Monday. We finish total
6 buns.

By the time I reach office is 1.15pm and my boss already in the office.
Luckily I am not late. We will have to wait for a week to get the report.
So probably, next Friday we’ll take leave. Hope everything went well for
both of us. Healthy is top priority.

Oh before we get the report, here’s some findings:

On Hubby:
Fatty Liver
High Blood Pressure (normal is 90-100) Hubby was 110.

On Me
Suspected follicle at Right Ovary. Dr said not to be alarmed at this moment.

The End

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