My Boss Leaving again

No not actually again.. its just that I have more than 1 boss.
Now my COO is leaving against his will I heard but
what the top management has decided he can’t change it.

My COO Azman, he join HMSB on the same day as me on
1st April 2008. He was kind to me all this while, eventhough
I heard from Adenan that he is very short temper, and tengking
him suka suka saja, but he never did that to me, nor loose
his temper to me.. I wonder. Perhaps he still consider me
not his personal secretary, which in fact technically I am the
secretary to the CEO only, not including the COO. So perhaps
thats the reason.

He is the person who solve the parking issue in PJ office,
He is the one who fights for us for the transportation allowance
when the gas price hike to RM3 per litre last August, He is the
person who is still maintaining the allowance for us PJ associates
eventhough the Gas price has tumbled down for so long already.
He is the person who reviewed and make changes to my appraisal
which get me a B+ and get more bonuses.
He is the person who will help us to fight for increment for another
few percent .. hopefully i am included.

Well, I know i am talking monetary here most of it, but everyone
works for money right? and He is my Kau san.. my Big tree, when
I need to make complaints and need some help, and so the HR
not dare to kacau or bully me.. now.. all this ..

What will happen next? Don’t dare to think anymore. No more
Kau san.. heard the Mr. Rohime is going to succeed him surprisingly!!!!
What? Nobody else meh? How come? Anyway I do not hold any
grudges towards him, not is there any oso, so.. keeping my
finger cross.. what kind of boss he is then?

Strange things do happen..

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