Ovulation Predictor Kit

Went to Guardian last friday, even before my period

finish. So anxious.

An read an article about points this symtom as

Obssession on Conception.

Before I had my period beginning of this month, my period

was late for 2 days. But before my period was late, I went to

the bathroom to check whether is there any spotting on my

tiny underwear. Spotting or period? Spotting I hope as the

book explained its normal to have spotting, but if its sticky type

it means period.

I checked it almost daily, and more than 15 times a day I think.

That’s obssesed.

Haha its a symptom.. (yeah I still can crack a laugh I mean now
dunno when my laugh will stop after failing attemps. Hope Not)

Dang! The Auntie has visited.

Back to my visit to the Guardian @ Jaya One.

Sis and BIL told me to get the Calsium tablet as I will not it in

lots and be prepared to loose my own calsium when the baby

comes and suck all mine away. So i have to be prepared and

so I won’t have bad osteoporasis ( i think I spell it correctly) and

will not have back pain when then I have extra 20 pounds

carrying around for 9 months.

So I got 2 bottles of calsium magnesium tablet from the brand

Bio life. Thought of getting the Kordel’s brand but then the

shop assistance says that the Biolife more famous now. I know lar

its the MLM thingy. the Bio Life fibre drink are very popular now

and too damn expensive.

Anyway, I bought the Biolife Calsium Magnesium, then have a

promo pack of RM99 for 2 bottles with 100 tablets with 20%

discount summo so its a good buy.

Then I checked out on the OPK. Gosh why on earth its so freaking

expensive. I bet the pharmaceutical co. knows the consumer

behaviour too much. Women desperado like me will pay for that

even it is heart wrenching fuckingly expensive. Coz we love babies

and for babies sake money should not be an issue. Great.. stupid

businessman. I hate them.

There are a few labels available.. Dip n Tell, P-Plan, Guardian.

3 brand for me to choose. Guardian price was RM59. Dip n Tell

RM79 and P-Plan RM65.

Guardian ah.. the manufacturer from Hong Kong. But its a

Guardian brand wor.. RM59 summo. Hmm.. I put it back.. then I

look at the price again.. hmm P-Plan.. that day I bought one stick

to play play.. okay I should stick to P-Plan then and I took the

new box.. wooopppps.. wait a minute.. y there is only 4 stick in it?

I tot all boxes have 5 stick in it? Oh the price not right then..

its Dip n Tell have 5 sticks. RM15.8 per stick. P-Plan RM16.25

per stick. Its more expensive.. almost got con by the price.

Lucky I read it

I better go back to Guardian brand, well just try on that first lar,
until i master how to use it, or perhaps i need it next month,
i wish I don’t but then i am just trying on the OPK again ma..
just get a cheaper one will do. RM59 for 5 sticks. I went to pay..
and summo got 20% discount end up only RM47.20. That makes
RM9.44 per stick. Okay lar.. an affordable main main punya test.

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