Family Day

It always occur to me that my friends are all very close to their family.
They have family days too, and so does many out there I realized when
I had breakfast with hubby last Sunday. I am just turning blind on
the fact, everywhere ppl have Family Day.

What is Family Day?
Its a day where Family Members meet, spending some time together.

Who actually have a Family Day every weekend with their family?
Whoever cares about their Family and puts their Family at Upmost
priority to anything else in the whole wide world.

Who consist in the Family to be part of Family Day.
Every member of the family, no exclusion, its everyone.

What excuse to ignore Family Day?
No time. Away on Holiday. I just want to be lazying at home. I saw
you already last week remember? I need some alone time with hubby
to romantisize our relationship even though we see each other daily.
I am just lazy driving over, why don’t you come over? I am busy.
I am having a movie later. I can’t get back on time. I just want to skip
it this week. I am working on my part time business that doesn’t fly
off and not time consuming, that’s all..

What’s the meaning of Family?
F = Father
A = And
M = Mother
I = I
L = Love
Y = You

All in all, I am not giving more time to my parents than I should. My Old
Folks got old each day, looking at the photos of my recent trip to Port Dickson
almost make me weep.

My Papa and Mama.. they got so old.. their hair has
all turn greyish, perhaps will look whole head white in no time. How has
time past, my father standing at the Factory .. handling the dangerous
machine cutting wood for the classical door making. Standing whole Day!!
From 8am to 7pm, all the suffer, blister hand, and cracked heels.. just to feed
us children.
Then My mother, who use her motorbike to go from office to
offices, a cleaner she is.. to feed us children and then clean the house too,
cooking, wash clothes, fold the clothes,

all in all.. I find myself day in day out
my happiness has also clouded my eyes. I seems to forgot all the suffer
my parents has gone through. Y i feel such way? I feel regret. I regret now
but I don’t want to regret later. . I still have time to spend with my old
folks.. I have another 30-40 years to live ( I hope) but my Old Folks does
not have the time that I have. I wish I can see them more often. I wish I can
have more heartful chat with my mum, I wish I can bring them out to eat
good food, have good time, and have them showered with
tender love and care.

I should take care of them. I need to .. Or I’ll regret the rest of my life.
My Old Folks.. I love you so much!!

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