I wonder why

Its so unfair geh.. this world is always unfair geh
when me and hubby went to loh kim put to check
the dates for our wedding, the ah pek said I have
bad temper. Ask be to control my temper, if not
will make hubby not happy. There and then, my
hubby was surprise how come the ah pek did not
say hubby bad temper. He is the one with bad
temper in the beginning of our relationship, (but
now he is very cool oledi) But still how come his
bad temper ah pek no comment?


Then last night SIL said she asked her fortune
teller fren to calculate the dunno what numeric
by using my birthdate. and 314= I am Lazy.
The fren said I very lazy, if i am not i could be
a successful businesswomen. Yea yea I know
my mum told me too, but y said I am a Lazy
person. Hubby more Lazy than me but nobody
said that again. Then SIL oso said i am siew Hei
that 1 is true.. I am a siew hei person. Dun care
but I am siew hei. But I easily forgotten abt
it ma. then y nobody said that? Then also
comment that my working life is good, easy geh
.. yeah true.. but hope better working life got
or not with more bonus got or not?

Today working damn boring. Now feel damn
sleepy. Tot blogging will help reduce my sleepiness
but hey.. no improvement.

Bye Bye lar

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