Family Trip to PD

Went to PD trip on 4th July. Go on Sat and come back Sunday.
At first dreaded to go.. coz hubby not following. He is in Cambodia
and even if he able to come back also not encourage to go,
scare H1N1 kena Aurora and Parents.. better not take the risk.

Early morning 7.30 I am awake already. Need to wash clothes.
afterthat shower, hang the clothes and out of the house at 8.30am.
Reach mum’s place at 9+ and we go straight to the wet market
at Old Klang Road. Sister requested to have Crab for dinner. Said
to buy the Live Crab and let the auntie to cook it.
Hmm.. great. Crab for dinner. I have been idaming for Crab.. even
tho have crab not long ago at Kepong, still I have the craving
as the crab had earlier not satisfying. Very small geh. Cooking
style oso not so tasty geh.

Sudah buy crab, we went home and wait for mum have her
breakfast with Penang auntie, then to wash clothes
hang the clothes for her, then she shower then oni we go out of the
house after my brother sms that he already arrive at sis house.
On the way sis and bro already calling.. asking where are we…
aiyo already know my sis will marah jor.. as mum man tor tor..:P

Then we start our Journey at 1pm and head to PD lor..
The whole car is so full.. luckily its only 6 adults. 7 adults really
cannot fit, as Aurora necessity is too many.. my sis pack her
bed too. and her bolster lagi.. really alot of things..

Reach PD at 3.30-4pm. On the way I was hoping, this bangalow
wont be as bad as the previous one I went with family. Sampai saja
this time the Bangalow name is Sri Fajar (Gutrie own). Wow I am
so amazed. Its those English style Bangalow. From the outside.. when I
step into the door.. I saw the room.. where i will be sleeping. Nice.
Then i walk to the living Room… my first word.
WOW hou leng ah!!!!

Will definitely ask sister to book this place again. Its so peacefull
staying there and we paid the auntie RM35 per person for
catering. For 2 days 1 night which include tea time, lunch, dinner.
So no need to cook, and just relax and play at the beach, and
relax. Its a great holiday. Too bad Jimmy wasn’t around.

I think Aurora enjoy her time too.. lol.. now she start to learn to
speak.. she said softly (mou ah) and on the way home in the car she
learn ta ta (pukul) coz my sis and mum keep saying beat her..
coz naughty dunwan to sleep in the car.

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