Mixed feeling

This morning, something just strike me..
yeah I know took sometime for me to realize
If i am pregnant this month, by the the November 09
I am how many months pregnant.

June-Jul – 1 mth
Jul-Aug – 2 mth
Aug-sept – 3 mth
Sept – Oct- 4 mth
Oct-Nov – 5 mths

Should I calculate this way? Or By weeks?
Perhaps Week 25-28? Err
25 weeks/4 weeks= 6.25mths?

Can I travel by then? Can I still go Cambodia?
I googled for ” Travel while pregnant 6 month)
the review is not encouraging.
Medically, It will increase the risk of
blood clot on the plane. But the travel period is
just 2 hours max, guess should be okay. But
how about food in Cambodia. This worries me,
what if food poisoning? Shit … i never tot of that.
Malaria? This all means if i were to travel still
i have to rely on food that I have to bring from
Malaysia to Cambodia. Rely on Dry food like
biscuits, maggi mee, own bottled water.

This wont be easy.. I shouldn’t have book the tickets.
Even though its cheap. Now I am worried.
To be pregnant now, immediately, or wait till
after the travel. That means.. wait summo?
Sucks!! Worst come to worst, ask hubby go there
for business trip cum holiday?

Now I am worried. What should i do?
My period has yet to arrive. Perhaps tmr,
as the baiboo.com.my indicated period should be
tmr 4th July. He American big day 4th July.

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