Shopping Spree

Last weekend shopping gila.
I feel I am so bad.
Did not even buy a anything for
hubby during shopping. Maybe hubby notice
i buy alot of stuff for myself but did not for him.
Wonder why is it because of married already,
need to make sure i cantik, but hubby must be
lousy looking.. kakakkakakakka

On Sat, shop at Midvalley, The Gardens, S
unway Pyramid & Carrefour Subang Jaya.

Went to Top shop bought a black legging,
still dunno how to wear it and match with wat..
hmm.. nevermind keep it first.

Then went to Gardens, bought LOEWE handbag.
Less 50%, and its a leather, with the leather colour
that I like and I can wear it 3 ways. Hubby tot
i am crazy. When I saw the bag, I told him, I am
so going to buy that bag and I bought it. Grab it
fast while it is there, or I’ll sure regret.
Now the bag sitting in my wardrobe.. no chance
yet to use it wor.
Nvm.. I am going to make excuse and make
opportunity to use it geh.. dun worry..
Perhaps during weekend when with hubby
Jalan Jalan at shopping centre.. but definitely not
eating outside at hawker place..!!! Nightware No

Then Sunday went Ikea and the Curve, Bought
some MNG clothes wow spend again.. cham
this month i totally pokai.. need to korek duit
dalam bank to settle credit card ..

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